Shipping Charges and International Orders

We are often asked if we ship our products overseas, and the answer is YES !

Here on our Helpdesk, and in many cases when speaking to our customers on the phone, we are asked what it costs to ship something or a combination of products to the customer's location. Unfortunately we cannot accurately quote these charges without taking the time to enter all of the pertinent information into the various rate calculators for each shipping company. However, we do have that ability for our customers to do it for themselves right on our website.

Our website communicates directly with the rate servers of the various shipping companies. Rates are based upon the weight and dimensions of the total items ordered (in the shopping cart) along with the delivery destination. With that information, accurate shipping costs are presented in real time.

  • First - Register and Login to the sales side of our website. If you have not yet registered please do so.
  • Second - Add the item(s) you are interested in purchasing to your shopping cart.
  • Third - Once all of the items have been added, click on the VIEW CART or CHECKOUT link to see a list of the items. Continue by clicking the CHECKOUT button. On the checkout page you are presented with a default order total and options to view the various shipping methods available to your location, and the costs for each.

NOTE: You can add the items to your cart first if you wish. When you click on the CHECKOUT button you will be asked to create a profile to proceed. After you have created your profile you will be able to see the shipping costs.

If you have not registered and logged in to the website. the website does not know who you are or where you plan to ship the items. Any default shipping costs presented will NOT be accurate until you have registered and logged in to the website!


But What Is The Best Shipping Method?

The answer to that question really depends on what item(s) are part of the order and the delivery location.

For most domestic, Alaska, and Hawaii destinations the most common and least expensive will be UPS GROUND. If you live in Canada, UPS Canada Standard (Canada Ground) or Priority Mail are usually the best options. For our overseas customers, USPS Priority or Priority Express Mail is often the least expensive and most reliable options.

We do NOT ship Parcel Post or slower methods because they do not provide adequate tracking information.

Do You Ship To Every Country?

No, we do not! Some countries are wrought with fraud, and we have blocked them from ordering (and in many cases even accessing) our website. We will also refuse to ship and delete an order which we feel is making a fraudulent order. We do not publish a list of those countries.