This forum is starting to generate a lot of traffic due to our moving some tech articles. Because of this added traffic, we have been seeing more fake profiles and spam attempts.

To combat these (insert expletive here) individuals I have had to implement an extra step to the registration process.

The registration process is the same, with an updated reCAPTCHA, but we also have a box just below it to answer a random question. The question could be something you may know off the top of your head, or something a simple Google search will provide. These are not difficult questions (my opinion). To answer them in the proper format I have provided tips in the question. Example:

  • ("number") means answer is in numeric form: 1234
  • ("written" or "written number") means that the answer is spelled out: one
  • If you see a "_____" blank in the question, you are filling in the blank with your answer.

Don't worry - there are no algebra, speculative, or quantum physics questions in the list!

If you have a problem registering, please use our Helpdesk or Live Chat.