When Jacobs Electronics was purchased by then-parent company Mr Gasket, the reasoning behind the purchase was to implement some of the technology from the Jacobs product line into current Mallory and Accel ignition components. This is where the current digital amplifiers and other Accel and Mallory offerings took a lead in technology, reliability, and performance.

One of the components that Jacobs offered was the AccuVolt FR1500, part #510064. The AccuVolt converts battery voltages as low as 9.5 volts to a steady adjustable output of 13.5 - 16.5 volts. By doing so, the device allows the user to run all sorts of electronic devices (fuel pumps, engine management systems, cooling fans, audio components, ignition units, and more) at a consistent high voltage without relying on the alternator.

The AccuVolt completely eliminates spikes, dips, and noise associated with vehicle electrical systems. With an electrical unit that delivers high wattage, super-stable operation, filtered power and surge spike protection up to 1500 watts of output (with only a 100 amp draw) ... this is a great component!

Now for the bad news .... Prestolite Performance, the new parent company of the Accel, Mallory, Jacobs, Mr Gasket, and other brands has DISCONTINUED the AccuVolt.

Why did Prestolite Performance discontinue the AccuVolt? This is a very good question, but the news surrounding this issue seems to be that someone in the company did not know what a bunch of pieces and components in the warehouse were for and decided to just throw them all in the trash ... about $50,000.00 worth of raw materials used to assemble the AccuVolt units. Did he/she get in trouble? ... Who knows.

What was Prestolite's cure for this problem? You would think it was an "Oh S***!" moment. It might have been, but the bean counters decided not to get more raw materials manufactured and in place to assemble more AccuVolt units ... instead deciding to just DISCONTINUE the item completely.

This was a popular Jacobs and Accel branded product. Audiophiles used it, racers used it ... now NO ONE can use it. Way to go !!!

If we can find a suitable replacement for the AccuVolt we will update this post and list the item for sale on our website. Until then ... sorry everyone.

Liberty Lane (Investment Group) assisted in the acquisition of the Mr Gasket brands now under the Prestolite Performance banner a few years ago.