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The new website LIVES

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We turned on the new Century Performance Center website today.

This event was a bit rushed, there are still some issues with the website, but we have these forums and our Live Support and Helpdesk to address any individual issues or questions.

We ask that if our viewers see something obviously wrong or broken, please let us know! We already had a simple embarrassment here in the forums when we were told that, 1) No one could register, and 2) images were missing in one of our popular articles. I few simple fixes applied and everything was back to normal in just a few minutes. We appreciate the heads-up to these problems.

Much of the product detail in the new site is incomplete, or slightly inaccurate, for most of it was copied directly from the old site in haste to get the new site turned on. We are working on updating the product information every day.

Thanks for visiting!

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