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  • Once you have decided to build the power necessary to tear up the pavement, Century Performance Center is here to help you get it done!

  • On the Highways, the Racetrack, Off-Road, or simply Cruising - we've got you covered!

  • The best brands at the right prices - everyday.

  • Find that "RUSH" behind the wheel with help from Century Performance Center!.

  • Various vehicle preferences dictate many types of performance!

  • Winning Races, Building Power, Adding Durability, Improving Efficiency. ALL = PERFORMANCE!

  • Automatic or Manual, we help you make the perfect SHIFT.

  • Building a custom vehicle or upgrading your daily driver. We can help you.

Welcome to Century Performance Center


We have finally turned on this new website. Although it is not yet complete, and you will find a host of missing product details, we had to turn this new site on early so as to get beyond the problems the previous website was having. We will be working diligently to complete the product details and other information. In the meantime, here are a few tips:

Make-Model-Year Search

This new tool is in the upper left column of each page. The configuration is to find products that would be vehicle-specific. Currently, only Sanderson Headers products are included in this search tool. Doug's Headers and JBA headers will follow shortly.

TECH ZONE Articles

If you found this page looking for one of our technical articles, they have been moved into our User Forums. The articles have been re-written and updated, but not all of them have been moved yet. Our efforts to get this new site turned on has put us a bit behind with the article rewrites.

We are asking for your help!

We know of the missing, incomplete, and inaccurate product details - we are working on them. If you see something blatantly incorrect, an error message, or something else, please let us know using Live Chat (left of each page) or submit a support ticket through our Helpdesk. When you chat or speak to one of our representatives they will be able to explain anything that may be missing on a product you are interested in.

A few things that are not 100% as of yet:

  • Doug's Headers and JBA Headers (MOST headers and exhaust kits, but not all) are still offered with FREE SHIPPING.
  • Many of the Meziere Electric Water Pumps and Radiators are offered with FREE SHIPPING. (again, not all Meziere products)
  • Missing Product Details - there are hundreds of products without details and/or options. We are working on it.
  • Some product links within product details are simply wrong and go to the old website and not the new one.
  • Some product manufacturers do not have any products listed in the website yet - we know.

Aside from the above list, if you see something that is not working, seems odd, or presents you with some sort of browser error, PLEASE let us know!

We hope you enjoy what we have been able to create so far.



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